WARNING: Don't Watch This Unless You Want To 5-10x Your Business

How We Book 30+ Appointments Every Week Without Spending A Penny On Ads

Using One Platform And
A $3/hr Virtual Assistant


You Have The Need...
...The Need For Leads...


We don't need to know their Mother's, Brother's, child's middle name or how many tattoo's their Sister's ex-boyfriend had...We need an email address, that we can send emails to and hit their inbox. We're going to use email and messaging on other platforms to move people into our ecosystem.


Your Time Is Valuable...
...Treat It That Way...


You're going to be sending over 1000 messages a day, across multiple platforms. The very last thing you want, is to have to speak to all of those people. We take people from ice cold click to smoking hot prospect using a bunch of super-slick automations that make it look like magic.


Speak To The Right People... At The Right Time


At any one time, only 3% of your audience is ready to buy from you. They're the ones you want to speak to...but at the same time, the other 97% is where all your future revenue is going to come from. Everyone else neglects the 97%. We're going to make them love you so much, that when they're ready, they're speaking to you.

When You Have The Zero Spend Sales System...

You can get insane results... Just like these guys...

Web Design Agency

I'm getting calls for $2 and selling something that starts at $2000. 2 frickin bucks. My cost per sale is something silly like $12. It's unreal.


Wanted to thank you man for everything. When we talked in October-November 2019, it changed my fkn life...many things you helped me with helped a lot to make myself a millionaire. I'm so grateful seriously.

Law Firm

I'm very impressed with youroperation. In 6 weeks, we've seen a significant increase in inbound bookings that are directly attributable to your Zero Spend Sales System.

Sales Performance Coach

This is awesome, stop what you're doing right now, book a call and buy ZSS. Your life will never be the same again. I was paying $250+ for each sales call, now I don't even know what it is, I get like 25-35 calls a week for what, $500 a month. It's completely changed the game for me.

Agency Owner

The Zero Spend Sales System has revolutionized our inbound sales. We predominantly focus on SEO, social posting and paid advertising, but SEO and social take time to gain traction and paid ads are always a lot of work, with prices evr increasing. We're on track to add $70k MRR using the ZSS system.

Digital Agency Owner

I came to Andrew and the Sales Rocket / ZSS team as a standalone agency owner. I was borderline freelancing. Now we're a team of 4, our revenue is at a 7-figure run rate and we're continuing to attract new clients on a regular basis using the ZSS system.

This Approach Is Perfect For Every Agency, Coach Or Service Provider

There's 2 Distinct Types Of Businesses That The Zero Spend Sales System Can Help

If you're in the "struggling stages", where your revenue isn't consistent, you have some amazing months, then a dry patch, or you're struggling to gain any traction with your offer, then there's a much easier way to get to $50k/m, without the risk of running paid ads.

Unlike others going after $10k/m or $100k/m, we believe $50k/month in revenue is the sweet spot before you think about running ads.

Running ads in 2016 was easy, you threw together a webinar, the tracking was perfect, you got $5 leads and you printed money.

In 2023, it isn't that way. People are more aware of the sales process than ever before, they're more expensive to get on your list, they're more expensive to market to, they're harder to close, and less likely to buy.

Which means, if you're going to run ads, you need a decent testing budget.

You've gotta get the offer dialed in, split test the VSL, take a bunch of calls that cost you $200 a pop and then figure out exactly what works and what doesn't.

It's not a quick process, and it's not cheap.

Which is why if you're making less than $30k/m, you absolutely shouldn't be running ads.

Use the "Zero Spend Sales" System and get yourself to $50k/month, with hardly any overhead.

You won't be forking out $10-15k on ads each month.

You won't be sweating on each call, when it's costs you $200.You'll have higher margins, and more profit.

Then, when you're at $50k/m you've got the budget and the reserves to go "all-in" on ads and do it properly.

You've got what I like to call "screw it" money.

You can afford to lose $10k figuring it out.

The average person at $10k/month revenue can't afford to blast through a whole months' income as a test.

The Zero Spend Sales system's only going to cost you around $400-500 a month in software, vs $10-15k a month in ads.

If you're at less than $50k/month, that's why the "Zero Spend Sales" System is so good for you.

Our Job Is To Get You To That Point...

If your offer is already way over the $30k a month mark, and you're consistently hitting $50k or more each month, you should know that paid traffic, is absolutely the most scalable way to grow your offer. But with that comes problems.

What if, the powers that be, over at big-blue (FB) suddenly decide to ban your ad account, your Business Manager, or worse still your personal profile. They make mistakes regularly, there's little to know support and if your business is entirely propped up by one or two ad accounts with the big F and B, then your entire business is on the knife edge.

I've been in this exact position and I've seen countless others go through the same thing too.

You can be sitting pretty at $100k+ per month, countin the cash and lovin life, but when Mr Zuckerburg comes along and takes your legs out from underneath you, you're literally "screwed".

Sure, you can get them back, which might take 2 weeks best case. Can easily be 2 months.

A lot of people don't get them back at all.

Same thing happens with FB/IG profiles & pages, or YouTube channels.

If you don't own the platform, you don't own the traffic.

And it can be taken away at any time.

When it's costing you $25k+ per week, not to be on the platform, it adds up pretty damn quickly.

So if you're in this position, and you've got a proven offer, you're primarily running ads or organic content to one specific page or profile, just imagine what would happen if you didn't have that platform any more?

Horrible thought right?

That's why you need the "Zero Spend Sales" system.

It's something you can have running in the background, bringing in clients every month, and the best part...

...it can't be taken off you.

Sure, you can lose email addresses, sending domains, software platforms can go bust, you could lose a payment processor etc.

But all of that can be solved very, very quickly...and if you do it the right way at the start, you don't need to worry about that stuff.

1 - Create & use more email addresses than you need, which means you've always got backups.

2 - Always use at least 2 payment processors (ideally one being a proper merchant account, not just Stripe & PayPal). Trust me, it's like guns, it's so much better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

3 - Don't rely on one platform, setup Linkedin & Cold Email so they're both ticking away in the background.

You see, your job as a successful business owner is to put as many failsafe's in place as possible.

So if anything happens, it doesn't wipe out your business overnight.

You'll sleep so much better at night...

That's why you need the "Zero Spend Sales" system.